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At PrimeQ, our business revolves around creating long term relationships with customers to create mutually beneficial partnerships.

While we can implement a great number of solutions, it is our Annuity team which sustain our partnerships with customers. They are the long-term, reliable and hard workers of our organisation.

We consistently look to position your organisation for success efficient licensing and technology practices.

Separating the business benefits and suitability from the latest trend helps us to focus on delivering technology to support business, rather than simply focusing on the product.

Oracle Managed Services

Our Oracle Managed Services offering is tailored to customer requirements. We follow a structured process in which we meet with the customer and work out their standard and specific support requirements. The end result is a support service that is standards-based, yet focused on customer priorities and business needs. The fundamentals of the service include:

  • Delivered by a team of specialist Oracle support engineers
  • Business-based support model
  • Service management from within the support team
  • 24×7 support as standard
  • Defined levels of support, PQ1 – PQ3
  • Flexible pricing models

A Managed Service is a partnership where our team will become an extension of your business. PrimeQ aims to provide high-quality support solutions that are delivered in realistic timeframes, at a competitive cost point, and managed through a strong governance process.

Oracle Licensing Services

Today, many organisations have a large number of licensed software products across databases, middleware and applications. Sometimes they also need to contend with multiple support agreements containing different terms and conditions. Additionally, evolving business requirements and changing organisational structures often make it difficult to ascertain whether an organisation is correctly licensed.

PrimeQ’s aim is to simplify the process and make sure our clients make the right decisions on licensing. Our services include:

Customer to Cloud – Oracle provides customers with the ability to move from their current on-premise applications to the Oracle Cloud. PrimeQ have specialist skills to help you with that migration, ensuring a smooth transition that can potentially lead to an even stronger licensing position.

New or Extension Licensing – As a certified Oracle Licensing Reseller, PrimeQ can provide a full range of Oracle Licensing services, helping you decide which products you need and then securing a fair price for the licenses.

Oracle Licensing Audit – We can help you navigate through the complexities of the licensing audit process, enabling you to make the most of your Oracle investment.

Compliance Management – PrimeQ can provide independent licensing audits to help ensure that you comply with Oracle policy. Our compliance management covers all Oracle applications and technology products.

The comprehensive licensing services we provide will position you for success – today and in the future.

Oracle Technology Practice

Cloud is one of the biggest fundamental shifts in enterprise IT in a long time. In certain cases, cloud services can bring tremendous benefits. In others, however, a cloud solution may not make sense at all. With that in mind, the challenge is to identify those applications that are good candidates for cloud migration, those that are not, and to fully understand the benefits to be obtained from a cloud migration.

PrimeQ has the specialist skills needed to support the entire range of Oracle Technology Cloud products – from the Oracle Database through to the latest Oracle Cloud solutions. Additionally, the PrimeQ technology team focus on delivering technology to support business solutions rather than simply focusing on products.

Our technology team can provide the following services:

Integration – With the wave of cloud applications in the market, the ability to quickly and efficiently integrate applications is key. We focus on:

  • On-Premise integration
  • On-Premise to Cloud
  • Cloud-to-Cloud integration

Mobility – Today, applications without mobility solutions are becoming rare and development methodology is now focusing on mobility first. PrimeQ can implement Mobile Cloud solutions to support mobile-enabled applications or extend mobility to older applications.

Business Intelligence – In business, the key issue with reporting has always been how to ensure you have a single point of truth. PrimeQ leverage Oracle’s Cloud BI tool set to solve the problem of reporting across multiple platforms by centralising the reporting function for managers and executives.

Identity and Security – Identity and security are now at the forefront of every manager’s mind. Where is my data? Is my data protected? How do I manage my users who now have access to multiple on-premise applications, partner and cloud applications? PrimeQ can leverage Oracle Technology to solve these business issues, from data security through to user management and provisioning.

IaaS and PaaS – As the transformation from on-premise to cloud solutions continues, customers’ needs have changed. PrimeQ offer a range of services underpinned by Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service models. Some business issues we can solve include:

Extending Cloud Applications – Cloud applications have moved away from customisation. But what if you need to extend applications to provide a specific business function? PrimeQ can help you utilise Oracle PaaS and Integration Cloud to build a custom application that is fully integrated with your Oracle Cloud application.

Temporary Development Services – Looking for additional development environments? You no longer need to purchase a new set of hardware and licensing options. We can provide you with on-demand development services that can be turned on or off as required.

Compute Capacity – Migrating your applications to the cloud may require some custom or specialist applications that you need to manage. PrimeQ can migrate these applications to a managed platform in the Cloud, helping to reduce your costs over time.

Submit an enquiry to learn how PrimeQ’s Managed Services can benefit your business.

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Submit an enquiry to learn how PrimeQ’s Managed Services can benefit your business.