Oracle Cloud

One of the first questions we hear from customers with on-premise business software systems is: ‘Why Cloud?’

Here are four key reasons:

  1. Financial savings – Cloud solutions cost 30% less than on-premise systems.
  2. Rapid implementation times – three to six months compared with 12-18 months for on-premise systems. 
  3. Keep pace with technology – businesses can take full advantage of the latest mobile, social and analytic capabilities as they develop.
  4. Ongoing evolution – Cloud applications can be rolled out piece-by-piece with the ability to add more over time.

Oracle predicts that by 2025, 80% of corporate IT budgets will be spent on cloud services, and that 90% of enterprise data will be stored in the Cloud.

These huge figures demonstrate that cloud-based applications are the way of the future, and that more organisations are moving to the Cloud.

Oracle’s Cloud offering is unique  in that it allows businesses to integrate software as a service (Saas), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) from one provider. This is one of the reasons why PrimeQ has chosen to partner exclusively with Oracle to create successful outcomes for our clients.

Furthermore, Oracle predicts that by 2025, 80% of IT spend will be on innovation rather than maintenance, thanks to the Cloud. Businesses will have reduced need for maintenance, allowing them to concentrate their focus on innovation and business improvements.

The Cloud Environment

  • Multi-Cloud Strategy
  • Single Cloud Strategy

85% of Enterprises already have a multi-cloud strategy, combining services such as ERP, Marketing, HR and Transportation management.

  • $US SaaS Spend

Over the next 2 years, SaaS spending is anticipated to reach more than $US120B worldwide, demonstrating the huge demand for cloud services.

  • Mobile Traffic
  • Non-Mobile Traffic

With 90% of traffic anticipated to be on mobile devices by 2019 (phones & tablets) instead of traditional methods, cloud systems are essential not optional.

Our Cloud Solutions

As Oracle Cloud specialists, PrimeQ can accelerate your path to the cloud using a wide spectrum of Oracle Cloud Applications and Technologies that include Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) products.

Whether you need the ease and reliability of a Public Cloud solution, the security and internal control of a dedicated Private Cloud, or a Hybrid implementation that offers the benefits of both, the PrimeQ team can deliver an Oracle Cloud solution that will fulfil your business requirements.

We can also help ensure a smooth transition to the cloud for your on-premise applications, supporting a Roadmap that can begin with a single business process, then proceed to full business functions, and finally result in the migration of complete end-to-end processes.

Our experts can provide you with new-install solutions from Oracle’s Cloud Applications range and also migrate existing Oracle applications – such as JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and Oracle E-Business Suite – to the Oracle Cloud.

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See below for a more detailed outline of our cloud application offerings:

Enterprise Resourcing Planning


Oracle ERP Cloud lets you create a high-performing back-office hub that combines robust financial and operational capabilities with advanced social, mobile, and analytics technologies to foster collaboration throughout your business.

Our team can implement a solution to optimise a wide array of back-office processes including:

  • Oracle Financials Cloud
  • Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud
  • Oracle Procurement Cloud
  • Oracle Accounting Hub Reporting Cloud Service

We are experienced across numerous industries including:

  • Transport & Logistics
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods
  • Services
  • Government Organisations

Supply Chain Management


Oracle SCM Cloud lets you transform your supply chain by supporting fast innovation, swift execution and rapid scaling of your value chain. We are able to quickly deploy a high level of functionality at low risk and cost to you, while ensuring optimal flexibility to expand.

Our solution consultants can assist in:

  • Inventory Management Cloud
  • Procurement Cloud
  • Product Master Data Management Cloud
  • Logistics Cloud/OTM (below)
  • Order Management Cloud
  • Product Life Cycle
  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Logfire Warehouse management

Oracle Transport Management


Best In Class, In The Cloud

Oracle’s Transport Management development has been consistent and extensive over the years since the product was first acquired from G-Log in 2005, and now enhanced for the Cloud. In 2009 Oracle also extended its footprint to include Global Trade Management providing a unique, cross-border trade system.

In the past, on premise installations or managed platform models equated to significant upfront investment and tie-in with global vendors and generic implementation models, but no longer.

What Our Logistics Team Can Do For You

A well-implemented logistics solution will provide a collaborative, multi-faceted view of your supply chain; a common platform for your suppliers, sites, stores, customers and indeed all concerned parties who have an influence over the smooth running of your supply chain.

Oracle Transport Management will enhance:

  • Visibility into the service, cost and compliance performance of your carriers and 3PL partners, maximizing the value from these key relationships.
  • Savings and benefits from ensuring assets are utilized effectively in comparison to all other available service options.
  • Purchase and sale of logistics, ensuring operations are running smoothly.
  • Visibility and reporting for you and your customers.
  • Invoice reconciliation, RCTI, track & trace, DIFOT measurement, documentation, reporting, KPI analytics and full enterprise integration.

If you are an importer or exporter, a Global Trade Management solution can help you achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in cross-border transactions. GTM helps companies achieve process standardization around product classification; denied party screening, embargoes and sanctions; license and regulatory requirements such as labels, inspections and quotas; document checks and electronic customs filing.

Human Capital Management


Oracle HCM Cloud brings the speed, agility and cost benefits of the cloud to new-generation HR. You gain access to intuitive tools that provide rich data insights across the entire employee lifecycle. Easily recruit, develop, retain and reward your workforce via engaging social features that also encourage collaboration, improve productivity while being accessed using any device.

The PrimeQ team provide the following specialist solutions:

  • Global HR
  • Talent Management
  • Workforce Rewards
  • Workforce Management
  • HCM for Midsize Organisations
  • Social Media

Customer Experience


Oracle CX Cloud provides your organisation with a fully integrated suite of cloud-based customer experience services that enable you to drive engagement by optimising value for the customer at every touch point. With CX Cloud you can improve service quality, ensure service consistency and enhance customer interactions across your entire business.

The Oracle CX Cloud solution suite covers every aspect of customer contact – marketing, e-commerce, sales, service and social media – delivering valuable insights that can help you strengthen customer relationships, reduce costs, increase revenue and enhance the value of your brand.

PrimeQ can implement and support complete array of customer-related business functions including:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Commerce
  • Social Media
  • CPQ (Configure, Price and Quote)

Oracle Policy Automation


Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) provides a powerful, natural language system of rules which can make determinations behind the scenes as part of an integrated cloud solution, or deliver dynamic self-service interviews.

OPA has been used in a number of government organisations as well as financial and educational institutions, but the scope is far wider reaching than just these.

Any policy can be delivered by this simple to use program and result in instant feedback, reducing seepage and improving decision making.

We would love to discuss OPA and how we can integrate it into your existing cloud solution, so contact our OPA specialists today to find out more!

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