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PrimeQ people

Creating an organisation where people are your most significant resource is not an easy feat. But having an organisation… where potential employees seek you out can change the face of your business.

At PrimeQ we have grown quickly, and the process of attracting quality people has been critical to this growth.

Many businesses go through the standard processes of using recruiters or online platforms like or LinkedIn to recruit people. Today, though, I am going to use this platform for its most effective modus, sharing ideas.

From simple beginnings, we have grown our business rapidly and created an environment where people want to work and be a part of PrimeQ. We have worked hard to be the type of organisation that doesn’t need to rely on external parties for all of our recruitment. While we acknowledge the role that recruiters and these platforms have in business, creating an attractive workplace with a strong employer brand has been highly advantageous.

From my perspective, this has been a simple journey. Our success can be attributed to five key factors which can be achieved in any organisation:

  1. Create an environment of individual success

Every person in your organisation is an individual, so treat them like that. Create a way for each person to reach what they want to achieve. We are currently developing individualised pathways to ensure that every person gains the most from their career and that PrimeQ is able to support their version of success. This is not easy, but a culture that embraces this and remembers names, not numbers is vital to overall success.

  1. Acknowledge every person

Ensuring each person is valued as an individual and not just part of a team helps to foster a culture that each person matters. This is essential from my position of CEO. We employ more than 140 people across seven offices and I carry a book with me when I travel, containing photos and names of each person, to help me prepare for each office visit. Each individual sees the world and their career differently, so it is our job to understand each person and encourage them to be themselves.

  1. Understand the drivers for successful teams

Successful teams are built upon attitude. This means that leaders must understand their team, know what motivates them and use this to empower and achieve the best from each person. Forming teams-within-teams has been the most successful process we have implemented to date.

  1. Create networks that encourage new people to join

Create an environment where people enjoy working and empower them to recruit. A large number of people have joined our organisation as a result of people already working here. People want to know why our team enjoy coming to work and how they can become part of the PrimeQ family.

  1. Be happy (this is the foundation)

Embrace enjoyment – don’t live in the norm. Our offices are bright, friendly, welcoming places where we do our best work. We are always striving to enjoy our time at work as this creates a team of people who are engaged and producing their best outcomes (and I am fairly sure fridges filled with food helps).

I am very proud of the organisation that we have been able to build in such a short time. The people who have joined us on this ride have made it so enjoyable.

Our values continue to hold strong, creating the most attractive aspect of this organisation, without which we would not be in the position we are today.

Honestly though, we are in IT, we are not heart surgeons or orthopods. PrimeQ is full of hardworking people striving to achieve their best. As CEO I have a role to play, but when the bell rings we are all equal.