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The new world of Oracle Software as a Service

The emergence of cloud computing has changed the way in which organisations are consuming modern business applications. Since Oracle went all-in on cloud, its Software as a Service offering has become the most complete, innovative, and proven cloud suite of applications in the marketplace.

The introduction of Oracle Cloud Applications has eliminated many of the technical tasks of managing an application environment.  Customers can now focus on using the applications without having to spend time managing all of the associated IT.

Another significant advantage is the regular quarterly updates that Oracle provides for its Cloud Applications.  Customers are always up-to-date and can adopt new capabilities as they become available.

The customer is now freed from long-winded expensive upgrade projects and many of the technical tasks associated with maintaining an on-premise solution. However, the introduction of regular software updates has created some new challenges for customers:

  • Managing the testing process for each update and focussing on the configuration that has actually changed … ‘where should my testing efforts be focused when testing an Oracle update?’.
  • Managing the configuration between environments (e.g. production & test) as they may not be synchronised.
  • Identifying any issues that arise and focussing on the actual cause … ‘this worked last week and doesn’t now – what’s changed’

Other traditional management challenges still exist including:

  • How to create a baseline configuration document for each environment
  • Managing an audit trail of who has made changes to specific environments
  • Comparing configuration differences between different parts of the applications e.g. Business Units and Ledgers

ConfigSnapshot is an easy to use application that addresses the above challenges associated with managing the Oracle Cloud Applications.  It was built to answer these questions and has been deployed by hundreds of customers across the globe.

For a customer, this reduces effort in managing environments and provides greater certainty during the regular quarterly patching regarding the features that get added or updated.  It will help troubleshoot issues that may be occurring within a specific business unit or ledger and will also provide the documentation and audit trail necessary for confidence in your business applications.

PrimeQ uses ConfigSnapshot to build configuration workbooks and documentation during our customers’ implementation projects. We also utilise it for managing our internal instance of Oracle ERP Cloud Applications during quarterly updates.

This amazing tool when coupled with PrimeQ’s experience in Oracle Cloud Applications will significantly improve your confidence in your cloud environment, assisting you with regular testing and will help focus your attention on more rapid problem resolution.

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